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10 Easy iPhone Tips You Need To Know

Did you pick up a new iPhone? It could be the first one you’ve ever purchased. On the other hand, you may be replacing an older iPhone you’ve had for some time. Maybe you want to learn more about how your iPhone works.

Whatever the reason, your iPhone will be more enjoyable if you spend a little time learning some tips and tricks.

Start Stacking Widgets

Widgets allow you to have quick pieces of information right on your Home Screen. But too many widgets take up space and don’t leave room for your apps.

A remarkable feature of widgets is that you can stack them. Here’s how:

  • Push and hold on to your Home Screen until the apps jiggle.
  • Tap on the Plus Sign and Scroll to choose a widget.
  • Choose the size of the widget and tap Add Widget.


Once the widget is on your Home Screen, go through the same process above and add a few more widgets; push and hold on to the widget and drop it on top of another widget. 

If Smart Rotate is on your iPhone will do its best to determine which widget you want to see, using the time of day and location along with your past behavior. If you don’t see the widget of choice, swipe up on the widget until you do. Widget Suggestions automatically suggest widgets that the user doesn’t already have in their stack, perhaps exposing them to widgets they don’t even know exist.

Set Up Back Tap on Your iPhone

Back Tap is an accessibility feature that’s useful for everyone. Back Tap lets you double or triple-tap on the back of your iPhone to trigger an action. A few examples are double tap to open the flashlight and triple tap to open the Magnifier. You can even launch a custom shortcut.

To set up Back Tap:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Select Touch
  • Scroll to the bottom and Tap Back Tap.
  • Select Double Tap and choose an action
  • Tap Back Tap in the upper left corner to go back
  • Select Triple Tap and choose an action

You can use the double or triple tap to open the magnifier, camera or anything on the list. Go ahead and test it out. Back Tap works on the iPhone X and newer.

Use the Keyboard Like a Trackpad

Moving your cursor to an area of text can be painful. So here’s a tip that makes it more accessible. Open a new note in the Notes app. Add some text. Tap and hold on to the space bar. The letters will go blank, and you can drag your finger around to move the cursor as if you’re using a trackpad on your computer. It’s a simple way of moving the cursor back and forth to the exact spot you want to edit.

Swipe Down to Search Everything On the iPhone

The iPhone’s global search feature is very powerful. Spotlight Search can find apps, photos, documents, emails, messages, search the web, and so much more. To use Spotlight Search on your iPhone, you have two options:

  • Swipe down in the middle your Home Screen
  • The search bar will appear below.

You can also tap on the Search button at the bottom of your Home Screen.

Search for anything you want; you can even perform simple math problems.

Change Siri’s Voice

We all know Siri’s voice, but did you know you can change it? You can choose from American, Australian, British, and more. 

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Siri and Search
  • Select Siri Voice and listen to the options

You may need to download new voices, so it’s best to do it over Wi-Fi.

Set Up Medical ID on Your iPhone

This tip could save your life. First responders can see your Medical information if entered into your Medical ID, which will then be displayed on your Lock Screen.

  • Open the Health app.
  • Tap your Profile picture in the upper right corner
  • Select Medical ID
  • Tap edit in the upper right corner and enter your essential medical information along with Contacts, medical allergies, and other info. 

Make sure to toggle on Show When Locked. You can also turn on Share During Emergency Call so that when you contact emergency services on your iPhone, your Medical ID will be shared with the person on the line.

When finished, tap done.

Learn to Scan Documents on Your iPhone

You can quickly scan documents into your Notes app and save them to iCloud. 

  • Open the Notes app
  • Select the New Note icon
  • Tap the Camera button and then tap Scan Documents. 
  • In the upper right corner, turn Auto to Manual. This allows you to control the scan. 

Follow the on screen instructions and when finished tap Done. It’s a great way to keep receipts, registrations, and other vital documents and have a digital copy you can save.

I have a full tutorial on Scanning documents here.

Pull a Subject Out of a Photo

In iOS 16, Apple made it easy to pull a subject right out of a photo and drop it into another application without ever opening Photoshop. Instead, tap and hold on to the subject and then drag the subject to the app you want to apply it to. Of course, this works on the web, although you’ll see the pop-up menu appear, and you’ll choose to copy and paste the subject.

Turn On the Haptic Keyboard

This new feature adds a slight vibration under your fingers as you type. It may help you make fewer mistakes and eliminate that awful clicking. To turn it on:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Sound and Haptics
  • Tap Keyboard Feedback
  • Toggle on Haptic 
  • To get rid of the clicks toggle off Sound.

Check Out the Manual

It used to be that whenever you purchased electronics, they came with a manual. Now with the World Wide Web, everything can be found online. Even Apple maintains an up-to-date iPhone User Guide with simple detailed instructions.

You can even download the manual to the books app. So even the techiest will find something they have yet to learn about.

Download the Manual.


These are easy tips to help get you started on mastering your iPhone. Let me know in the comments which one you like the most.

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