3 Easy Ways To Alphabetize Your Home Screen Layout

So many iPhone users ask if there’s a way to alphabetize your iPhone apps. If you want to organize your iPhone apps alphabetically, there are three easy ways to complete this task. Your apps will then be sorted intuitively without shuffling through other apps.

Alphabetize Apps with Home Screen Layout Reset

If you have many apps on your Home Screen and want to arrange them alphabetically, your best bet is to Reset the Home Screen Layout. However, it comes with a caveat. Folders you created to group apps together will be deleted, but your apps will remain. All apps will revert to their original locations, including in the dock. App Store settings will return to factory default; if you have extra pages on the Home Screen, they will be deleted.

Now that you know the issues, let’s process how to reset your Home Screen Layout.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap General
  • Scroll and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone

  • Tap Reset
  • Select Reset Home Screen Layout
  • Tap Reset Home Screen

Now all third-party apps will be in alphabetical order. However, the native Apple apps will be at the beginning, and you’ll need to drag and drop them into their alphabetical placement.

Drag and Drop to Alphabetize

If resetting your Home Screen Layout intimidates you. You can drag and drop your apps into the desired location.

Push and hold on any app to enter jiggle mode

Begin dragging your apps to sort them alphabetically


The process can be tedious if you have many apps, but it preserves your Home Screen Layout.

Use the App Library

If you haven’t used the App Library, it’s pretty handy. The App Library automatically sorts your apps alphabetically.

Swipe from right to left on the Home Screen

The last page will be the App Library, where your apps reside in Apple pre-populated folders. 

Tap into the search bar at the top.


Now you can scroll through all your apps in alphabetical order.


Now you have the three most straightforward ways to alphabetize your iPhone apps. I find that the App Library is the easiest. I have removed all apps from my Home Screen and only use the App Library. Let me know what you find to be the easiest way for you.

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