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5 Quick Tips To Master Reminders Using Siri On the iPhone or iPad

Siri has so many uses that can help you get things done. Creating, updating, and sharing reminders is one of them. One of the most common things is to ask Siri to create a reminder. This feature can be used to develop and maintain to-do lists and grocery lists. 

The hands-free benefit allows you to do this even when you’re driving or your hands are full. If you tell Siri to “go to my reminders,” your virtual assistant will not only bring up your reminders it will begin to read them to you. This is a great function as long as you have “Hey Siri” enabled.

Create A New Reminder With Siri

The Apple Reminders app is now more helpful than ever. The updates brought some valuable improvements to the way Siri integrates with Reminder and its contents. Here’s how to use Siri to set a reminder on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Trigger Siri, using the phrase “Hey Siri” or holding the side button or Home button.
  • Tell Siri to remind you to do something. Here are some simple commands you can use:

“Hey Siri, Remind me to call Mom tomorrow at 3 pm.”

“Remind me to take out the trash when I arrive home.”

“Hey Siri, Remind me to feed the dog every day at 8 am.”

“Remind me when I text John to ask him if I can borrow his drill.”

  • Siri will show you a preview of your Reminder
  • If you need to dictate a change, tap change
  • Siri will ask you what you want to change. Go ahead and re-dictate the whole Reminder
  • If you need to edit details but don’t want to dictate your change, Open the Reminders app
  • Now Tap on the title of the Reminder to edit it
  • Tap on the info icon to change the settings of the Reminder or delete it
  • You’ll be taken to the Details Menu, where you can change things like the date, time, and more

All of your general reminders that aren’t in a specified list will be located in the Reminders List.

How To Create Location-Based Reminders With Siri

Because your iOS device knows where you are, it’s easy to set up Reminders based on location.

  • Say “Hey Siri” 
  • Say your Reminder, and be sure to say where you want to be when reminded. For example: “Remind me to ask Susan what we need at the store when I get home.

Location-based reminders will be added to the default reminders list unless you’ve created a specific list for that reminder. If you made a mistake or you want to revise something immediately, you can say “change the time to” (“change the title of the appointment or event )” or “cancel” it entirely.

How To Use Siri To Remember Things From Apps

Siri can be used to remind you of almost anything you’re looking at when you invoke Siri. Say, for example, a website.

  • Navigate to the website you want to remember
  • Say “Hey Siri”
  • Now Say, “Remind me of this.” Give the details like the date and time you want reminded.


Siri will add the website to Reminders with a link back to the article. This works well for emails too.

How To Create Reminders in a Specific List

Maybe you have multiple lists in the Reminders app. Such as packing list, Store list, party list, etc., You can tell Siri to create a to-do item specifically for that list.

  • Say “Hey Siri”
  • Say what you want to be reminded about and on which list you want it to go. For example, add hiking boots to the packing list. If the list doesn’t exist, Siri will ask if you want to create it.

The Reminder will then be placed in the specified list.

How To Share Reminders Lists

Sharing a reminder list is particularly convenient when you want to add, delete and check off items as completed. All the changes will instantly appear on everyone’s device, thanks to iCloud syncing.

  • Launch the Reminders app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Tap the list you want to share with others and select the edit button in the top right corner.
  • Now select the Sharing option.
  • Tap Add Person and choose how you want to share the list. 
  • Add the Contacts information and hit send.


Siri can be instrumental when it comes to setting up and sharing reminders. Always make sure you’re on the latest version of iOS or iPadOS to ensure everything is working as it should. Siri takes the Reminders app to a whole new level.

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