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7 Top Tips To Make Apple Mail Even More Useful On Your iPhone and iPad

Apple Mail has slowly grown more valuable over the years. Apple has introduced updates to the formatting. The ability to include scans and attachments plus the reply menu is better. You can even change the default Mail app if you’re not happy.

Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of Apple Mail on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest iOS software so you can enjoy all the new features.

Fonts and Formats

It’s easy to change the formatting of your emails. When composing a new email, tap into the body of the message and tap the arrow icon at the right of the predictive text bar. You will see a variety of icons that can help customize your email.

The formatting menu allows you to align the current paragraph left, right, or center. Add bullets or numbering. Change the color of the text, outdent or indent your paragraph and even change the font if you like.

Adding Photos and Files to Apple Mail

To add a photo, select the picture icon, your most recent images will appear. Swipe up to see more recent photos. Select All Photos to access your entire library. Select the photo or video you want to add, and now it will be inserted into your message.


Tap on the Camera icon to snap a photo or video to insert it in your message. Select the File icon to access your files stored in the Files app. You can now insert documents images stored there. Tap on the Scan icon, and this allows you to scan a document and then add it to your email.

Markup Tools

To mark up an image or document, tap on the pencil icon in the toolbar select the tool you’ll need. You can draw, write or highlight words and images over the existing media you’re adding.

Reply Menu in Apple Mail

Open the email you wish to reply to and tap on the Reply icon in the lower right. Next, pull up on the menu, and various commands appear. For example, Reply, Forward, Trash, as well as the options to Flag a message, Archive Message, and others are part of this menu.

Tap the Notify Me option if you want to be alerted to any follow-up email, or Tap Mute to stop receiving notifications on a specific email. Select the Print icon if that’s necessary.

Pop Up Menu

Apple Mail has a pop-up menu that appears if you press and hold down on a specific email. It offers quick actions, allowing you to reply, reply all, forward, mute, move, delete, and more. 

Block a Sender

Suppose you are receiving an unwanted email from a specific contact. Go ahead and block that contact. Open the email from the unwanted sender tap the name. Now select Block This Contact. First, you’ll need to confirm you want to block them. If you ever change your mind select Unblock this Contact.

Select Multiple Emails in Apple Mail

To batch select a bunch of emails. Tap the edit button in the top right, select the circle next to each message, or swipe down across the circles to select multiple messages. You can also Select all to choose all the emails in the folder. 

Once you’ve made your selections choose Mark to move them to Junk, Mark as Read, Flag them, Move to send them to another folder, or Trash to delete them.


However, if you’re still not happy with Apple’s Mail app, you have the option to set a new default. Head over to Settings > Mail select the Mail app you want to use as your default. Maybe you want to use Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail. I prefer to use Spark Mail.

Let me know in the comments what Mail app you’re using or if you love Apple Mail.

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