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Apple App Store FAQ

There are numerous free apps on the App Store. Apps that can help with productivity, convenience, fun, and lots more. If you want to download free apps without entering your password on the iPhone or iPad, this guide will make it easy and answer some frequently asked questions.

How to Download Free Apps Without a Password

  • Open the Settings App
  • Tap your Profile at the top
  • Select Media and Purchases

  • Tap Password Settings
  • Toggle off Require Password under Free Downloads
  • Now Tap Done

If you don’t see Password Settings, you have turned on Face ID or Touch ID for App Store and iTunes Purchases. To change this, go back to Settings, tap “Face ID & Passcode” or “Touch ID & Passcode,” then turn off Face ID or Touch ID next to iTunes & App Store.

Note: I would choose Always Require Password for apps requiring passwords. This will prevent accidental app purchases and save you the trouble of losing money or requesting a refund.

Deleting Apps From the App Store

Deleting an app is easy. Push and hold on to the app you want to delete. Choose Remove app. A pop-up window appears with the options to Delete App and Remove from Home Screen, allowing you to add the app back into the App Library without deleting or canceling it.

Recover a Deleted App on the iPhone or iPad

But what happens when you delete an app and need to recover it?

iCloud makes App management easy. Even better, re-downloading an app costs nothing if you’ve already purchased it.

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap your Profile icon in the upper right corner
  • Now, Tap Purchased

If you’re using Family Sharing like I am, you must tap on Apps, My Apps in the tab menu at the top Tap Not on this iPhone or iPad

Find the app you want to restore

Tap the cloud icon next to the app and the installation will begin.

You could also use the search option to locate the app.

Alternative Method for Recovering Apps

Use the App Store to search for the purchased app. Once the app is located you’ll see the cloud icon where purchased would be, allowing you to download and restore the app to your device.

How to Redeem App Store Gift Cards

Apple gift cards let you buy apps and subscriptions on the Apple platforms. Gift Cards are added as credit to your Apple ID balance. This credit can’t be shared with family members, even if you use family sharing. Here are the ways to redeem your gift card on iPhone and iPad.

  • Long Press on the App Store icon
  • Tap on Redeem
  • Use the Camera or enter your gift code manually.

  • Tap Redeem and then tap Redeem in the upper right corner. You may need to enter your Passcode, FaceID, or TouchID.

Apple will add the gift card to your Apple ID.

How to Check the Apple Gift Card Balance in the App Store

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap your Profile in the top right corner

If you have a balance it will appear. You need to see a balance to have a balance.

Cancel an App Store Subscription

There are lots of subscription apps available in the App Store. These premium apps give content and features only available behind a paywall. Beware of when the subscription will renew, especially if you’re downloading the free trial. To cancel a subscription on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap your Profile in the upper right corner
  • Now tap Subscriptions

Here, you’ll see a list of your Active and Inactive Subscriptions

Tap on an app to see the subscription cost and when it will renew.  Select the box you want to cancel. Tap Cancel Subscription. The pop-up box will include how long you can access the app before it’s canceled. Tap Confirm to cancel that subscription.


These FAQs on the App Store will help you manage your apps and know where to find the options when you need them. If you have any questions post them in the comments section.

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