Apple Maps Enhancements in iOS 16

Apple Maps is finally getting some significant enhancements. Improved trip planning, public transit, walking directions, accessibility features, and place details. The most significant change is multi-stop routing.  This guide highlights all the new features in Maps for iOS 16. If you’ve been using a third-party app for navigation, it may

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How To Use the Stocks app On Your iPhone

Are you looking to monitor your stock portfolio? Then, the Stocks app on your iPhone has you covered. You can check on the latest stock updates, view graphs, and get an overall idea o the stock rate. If you have invested, this is the perfect and most straightforward app to

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How to use Zoom on the iPhone For Seniors

Zoom on the iPhone and iPad is a free app you can download from the App Store, allowing you to create a virtual conference room, video chat one-on-one, host a webinar and join audio and video meetings online. Zoom works on Android, Apple devices, and PC. So you can communicate

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How to Customize and Use Default Replies on the Apple Watch

One of the remarkable features and benefits of the Apple Watch is viewing and responding to your messages quickly. The quickest replies aren’t the ones dictated or typed but using the default replies on the Apple Watch. Default replies allow you to send preset messages with one tap. In addition,

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Messaging Shortcuts You Should Know

The Messaging app keeps you in touch with everyone you know, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s probably the app you use most. Apple’s shortcuts and gestures built into Messages make it quicker to chat and once you figure out how to use them are very useful. Here

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Step by Step Guide to Master Apple Pay

Credit cards are the universal way to pay, whether you’re shopping online or at the local grocery store. Apple Pay may be a great solution if you use a credit or debit card. Apple Pay lets you store credit, debit, and rewards cards on your Apple device. In this guide,

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Top 7 iPad Multitasking Skills for Seniors and Beginners

Our iPads are powerful devices, and mastering iPad multitasking will level up how you use your iPad, allowing you to switch from one task to another easily. Multitasking can help bring your iPad as close to a laptop replacement as possible. So it’s well worth learning these features, and I’ll

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Autocorrect: 7 Quick Fix Solutions on Your iPhone and iPad

Autocorrect is a great feature when it’s working correctly. It checks and corrects your spelling as you type on your iPhone and iPad. However, it’s sometimes the bane of my existence. Autocorrect sometimes types the wrong words or replaces words you type with words that don’t even make sense. Fortunately,

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