How To Secure Your iPhone Before Upgrading Or Selling

Have you decided to upgrade, sell, or give your iPhone to a friend? If so, follow these steps to secure your iPhone data, so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. This post covers everything you must do before saying goodbye to your iPhone. These steps will also work

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Apple Pencil Tips to Get You Started

All current iPads support Apple Pencil as of 2019 with either the first or second generations, and if you love your iPad as much as I love mine, the Apple Pencil is worth it. Whether you’re starting with a base-level iPad or an iPad Pro, you can even use it

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How To Master Split View on the iPad

Split View allows you to divide your iPad display and have two apps or windows side by side. In this post, we’ll dive into Split View, showing you how to enter, use and exit Split View in iPadOS 16. Note: Split View is not available on the iPhone. Open Two

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iOS 16: New Accessibility Features Benefit All

Apple prides itself on creating products that meet the needs of people with disabilities. This year in iOS 16, Apple has outdone itself. Many of the accessibility features released in iOS 16 have proven useful and have benefits for everyone. So let’s dive into some of these features. Live Captions

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10 Easy iPhone Tips You Need To Know

Did you pick up a new iPhone? It could be the first one you’ve ever purchased. On the other hand, you may be replacing an older iPhone you’ve had for some time. Maybe you want to learn more about how your iPhone works. Whatever the reason, your iPhone will be

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Top New Reminders Features in iOS 16

Apple has slowly been adding more features and functionality to Reminders. For years it was little more than a simple checklist app. Now Reminders is competing with massive to-do list apps in the App Store. So let’s take a look at what’s new in iOS 16.  Pinned Lists Like Notes

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Effective Ways to Free Up iCloud Storage

What is Apple’s iCloud Storage iCloud is responsible for syncing your data across your Apple devices. iCloud storage is the amount of space Apple gives you to do that. You can store photos, videos, files, device backups, third-party app data, and more. If you’ve had your device for some time,

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The End of Passwords? How To Set Up Apple Passkeys

We know that passwords are easy to forget, hard to make, secure, and needed for almost everything. Passkeys may just change that! Apple has been on the password journey for years. We’ve seen Two-Factor Authentication with SMS. Sign in with Apple and email me a login. These are time-consuming and

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How To Get Your Notifications Under Control

Apple has redesigned the notification system in iOS 16. Notifications now appear stacked at the bottom of the Lock Screen by default. Some users aren’t big fans. But don’t worry. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the new notifications and, if you want, show you how to revert to

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