How to Use External Storage on the iPad

Are you looking for a way to increase the storage capabilities of your iPad? If you have large files you don’t need on a daily basis or want to offload a bunch of photos and videos to free up space, you can plug in an external hard drive to move

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Unleashing the Power of Stage Manager on the iPad

Apple introduced Stage Manager for the iPad in iPadOS 16. This is the most significant change to the way we work with Windows. Here’s how Stage Manager works and why you might want to use it.  Currently, Stage Manager is limited to certain iPads: all 11-inch iPad Pro Models, the

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Mastering Heart Rate Zones On The Apple Watch

Fitness has always been a big part of the Apple Watch features, but in WatchOS 9, you can take your fitness to the next level. For example, the ability to see and track heart rate zones in a workout is incredibly useful. Apple automatically calculates your personalized HRZ as a

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How to Block Spam Calls on Your iPhone

Spam calls have become an increasingly frustrating nuisance for iPhone users. Whether it’s an unsolicited telemarketer, a scammer attempting to defraud you, or a robocall delivering pre-recorded messages, these unwanted calls can disrupt your day and invade your privacy. Thankfully, Apple has implemented various features and tools to help you

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Save Time! Discover 10 Easy Hidden iPhone Features

Tasks on the iPhone can feel so tedious and time-wasting. The iOS and iPadOS operating systems are filled with clever and intuitive features. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t always make these features well-known. Fortunately, it’s possible to speed up many basic tasks with these hidden time-saving tips. I’ve put together a list

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How To Create And Manage An Apple Savings Account

With iOS 16.4.1, the Apple Savings account is a new way to save in a high-yield account without fees. The Apple Card has been around for a while now, and if you have one, you can make purchases and receive Daily Cash. However, until now, you could only house your

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Wi-Fi Privacy Warning on iPhone

We don’t usually encounter many Wi-Fi problems when we use our iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. But what if you see a “Wi-Fi Privacy Warning” message when you add a new Wi-Fi network or are just checking your network settings? You may not even be aware that it’s happening. So,

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How To Secure Your iPhone Before Upgrading Or Selling

Have you decided to upgrade, sell, or give your iPhone to a friend? If so, follow these steps to secure your iPhone data, so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. This post covers everything you must do before saying goodbye to your iPhone. These steps will also work

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Apple Pencil Tips to Get You Started

All current iPads support Apple Pencil as of 2019 with either the first or second generations, and if you love your iPad as much as I love mine, the Apple Pencil is worth it. Whether you’re starting with a base-level iPad or an iPad Pro, you can even use it

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