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How to Make the Best use of Bookmarks and Reading Lists in Safari

Reading Lists and Bookmarks can make browsing the web so much easier. Using a Reading List allows you to save articles you might want to read later, and in iOS 15, it’s built right into Safari. 

Both Reading List and Bookmarks sync seamlessly via iCloud, so they’re available to you across all of your devices. So finishing up that article while waiting for an appointment is priceless. Let’s walk through how to use Bookmarks and the Reading List in Safari.

How To Add a Bookmark

  • Open Safari
  • Navigate to the website your want to Bookmark
  • Long Press on the bookmark button. It looks like a book.
  • Tap Add Bookmark
  • Select the name to rename your bookmark to something memorable for you.
  • Tap the location you want; The default is Favorites.

  • Select a new location if you want
  • Tap Save

How To Search For a Bookmark

If you’re having difficulty locating a save bookmark, you can always search for it.

  • Open Safari
  • Tap the Bookmark Button
  • Pull down on the Bookmark List to bring up the Search bar if you don’t see it
  • Tap in the search bar
  • Type in your query

Edit a Bookmark

If you need to change the name or location of your bookmark, you can do so by editing the bookmark right in Safari

  • Open Safari
  • Tap the bookmark button
  • Long Press on the bookmark you want to edit
  • Tap Edit in the pop-up menu

Here’s where you can rename or change the location of the bookmark.

Remove a Bookmark

  • Open Safari
  • Tap the bookmark button
  • Long Press on the Bookmark you to remove
  • Tap delete from the pop-up menu


Let’s move on to adding an article to your reading list. Not every website supports reading lists, but many do. If you come across an article, you want to read later, here’s how.

Add an Article to Your Reading List

  • Long Press on the bookmark button on the page or website of an article you want to add
  • Tap Add to Reading List

How to View Your Reading List

After adding your articles to your reading list, you’ll want an easy way to access them.

  • Open Safari
  • Tap the bookmark icon
  • Tap the Reading List. It looks like a pair of glasses.
  • Select the article you want to read

To Delete an Article From Your Reading List

Once you’ve read the article, it’s easy to remove.

  • Open Safari
  • Tap the Bookmark icon
  • Select the Reading. Remember, it looks like glasses.

  • Swipe left on the article you want to remove
  • Tap delete


You’ve now mastered everything there is to know about Bookmarks and Reading lists. Let me know if you intend to use them?

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