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How to Customize and Use Default Replies on the Apple Watch

One of the remarkable features and benefits of the Apple Watch is viewing and responding to your messages quickly. The quickest replies aren’t the ones dictated or typed but using the default replies on the Apple Watch.

Default replies allow you to send preset messages with one tap. In addition, you can edit the list and add your own responses for more convenient messaging on your Apple Watch. 

How To Use Default Replies on the Apple Watch

When you receive a message notification on your Apple Watch, tap the notification to expand the conversation in the Messages app.

Now use the Digital Crown to scroll down past the iMessage area and suggestions section.

Here you’ll find your list of default replies. To send a response, tap, and it will be sent instantly.

How To Customize the List of Default Replies on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch offers many premade responses. For example, this feature lets you reply to a text with many different messages with a tap. But you may want to customize your responses.

  • Open the Watch app
  • Select Messages
  • Tap Default Replies
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Add Reply
  • Using the keyboard, type your message and tap Done

You’ll now see a new custom message at the bottom of the list.

Rearrange Your Responses

When you create a customized message, it ends up at the bottom of the replies. You can move it up to the top or anywhere on the list.

  • On the Default Replies screen, tap on edit in the upper right corner.
  • Using the handlebars on the right, drag the custom message to the position you want and release. You can rearrange all of the messages if you choose.
  • Tap Done when finished arranging your list.

What are Smart Replies

If you have Smart Replies enabled, your custom message may not appear at the top of the list on your Apple Watch. Smart Replies prioritizes the responses it believes you want to use based on the message you received.

You can disable Smart Replies by:

  • Opening the Watch app
  • Tap on Messages
  • Select Default Replies
  • Toggle off Smart Replies

Now your customized replies will appear in the order you set. If you keep Smart Replies on, you’ll still see your custom responses in the replies list.

Edit or Remove Custom Responses

To edit or remove a custom response:

  • Open the Watch app
  • Tap Messages
  • Select Default Replies
  • Select the response you want to edit
  • Use the keyboard to make your changes
  • Tap Back when finished

To delete a response:

  • Tap edit in the upper right corner
  • Select the red minus sign 
  • Tap Delete
  • Now tap Done

How to Use Your Custom Response

When you receive a text on your Apple Watch, tap on the message, scroll until you see Suggestions, and your custom replies will be right below. Tap the one you want to use, and it will immediately be sent, and you’ll see it on the message screen.


Setting up and using custom text message replies on your Apple Watch is simple. It will allow you to respond quickly to any text message you receive on the go. 

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