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How To Use iOS Burst Mode For Amazing Action Photos

If you’re struggling to get fast-paced action shots on your iPhone, you’re not alone. Moving subjects can be very challenging. But there’s a way to ensure you never miss a great photo opportunity, Burst Mode.

The iPhone 11 and 12 add some fantastic camera upgrades, including Night Mode, Ultra-Wide lens, and more. However, they’ve made some changes in how some previous features work, and one of those features is Burst Mode.

If you have the iPhone Xs or earlier models, you’ll still take burst photos by pressing and holding the shutter button. If you try this with the iPhone 11 or 12, it activates Quick Take, which is a way to take videos quickly without switching out of photo mode.

Burst Mode on an iPhone Xs or Earlier

  • Open the Camera App
  • Frame your shot
  • Tap and hold the shutter button
  • A counter pops up as you hold down the shutter button, indicating how many photos you’ve takes so far.


Another option for taking photos is using the Volume up and down button. You can take a single shot by just pushing either button. You can shoot burst photos by holding down either button, and you’ll see the counter pop up on the screen.

Burst Mode on iPhone 11 or 12

  • Open the Camera App
  • Frame your shot
  • Slide the shutter button to the left
  • A counter will appear inside the shutter button, indicating the number of photos you’ve taken of this image

Set Volume up Burst Mode in iOS 14 on the iPhone 11 or 12

The volume buttons on your iPhone double as a shutter release and work with Quick Take for video. Tap the Volume Up or Volume Down to capture a photo inside the Camera app; holding them down allow for shooting video.

However, you can configure the Volum Up button to shoot in Burst Mode. It’s the best way to have complete control of your camera. To enable it.

  • Go to Settings
  • Camera
  • Toggle on Use Volume Up for Burst

Selecting Photos from a Burst

Not every photo taken in burst mode is worth keeping. Your iPhone automatically selects what it thinks is the best photo. However, you might disagree, so you should still go through them yourself.

  • Open Camera Roll
  • Tap on All Photos
  • Bursts appear as little stacks of photos, although it’s tough to see. 

An easier way….

  • Open Photos
  • Tap on Albums
  • Scroll and tap on Bursts
  • Tap on the Burst Photo you want to view
  • Now tap Select

You’ll see a tiny gray dot under the photos that Apple has chosen as the best ones once you’ve selected the images you want to keep tap Done. You’ll be given the option to Keep Everything or Keep only the photos you’ve chosen.

The photos selected will be pulled from the Burst and appear as individual photos in the Photos app or Cameral roll.


Burst mode is an ideal way to capture action photos. Allowing you to capture multiple shots as your subject continues to move. Then you can select the best shots from the action sequence, allowing you to capture the whole movement from start to finish. You can also use Burst Mode for Candid photos, the perfect facial expression, interactions between people, and best of all, shots of children and animals. Using Burst Mode will maximize the chances of getting at least one good shot!

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