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How To Use the Stocks app On Your iPhone

Are you looking to monitor your stock portfolio? Then, the Stocks app on your iPhone has you covered. You can check on the latest stock updates, view graphs, and get an overall idea o the stock rate. If you have invested, this is the perfect and most straightforward app to use.

Follow along for everything you need to navigate Apple’s built-in Stocks app. Of course, you can check it out on your iPad as well.

To Add Stocks to Your iPhone

  • Locate and launch the Stocks app
  • Type in the Name of the stock you want to add in the Search bar
  • Tap on the Name of the stock you want to add
  • Select + sign
  • Tap done in the upper right corner

Your stock will be added to the list.

How to Rearrange Stocks on the iPhone

  • Tap on the more icon (circle with three dots) above the search bar
  • Select Edit Watchlist
  • Use the handlebars next to the Name of the stock and drag them to the position you want
  • Tap Done when finished.

Deleting Stocks

  • Tap on the More icon
  • Select edit Watchlist
  • Select the red circle with the minus sign
  • Tap on the Trash can

How to Change Stock Units

Suppose you prefer to see your stock changes as a percentage, price difference, or market cap. This can be customized.

Each time you tap the information will switch

  • Launch the Stocks app
  • Tap on the value next to the stock

You can switch between percentage, price difference, and market cap.

View Trends Over Time

In the graphs view, you have the option to check a stock’s progress over the last day, week, month, quarter, six months, year, two years, five years, ten years, and all. 

  • Tap on the Stock name
  • Select the time period above the graph you want to see

Add Stocks app Widget to Home Screen

  • Push and Hold on an empty area of the Home Screen
  • Select the + sign
  • Search for and tap on Stocks
  • Choose the size of the Stock widget
  • Tap Add Widget

Now you can follow your watch list throughout the day.

How to Check Business News in the Stocks app

The Stocks app will show you news related to the stocks on your watchlist from the moment you add them, along with Business and finance news. Now, users can get an idea of the price and future of the stock they’ve purchased.

  • Open the Stocks app
  • Pull up on the bar above Business News
  • Choose a story and tap on it to read.

You can use the three dots underneath a story to:

  • Save to Apple News
  • Copy Link
  • Share Story


When the News Story is open full screen, you’ll have the option to increase the Text size by tapping on the AA.

At the bottom of the screen, you can use the arrows to scroll from Story to Story.

Sync Stocks Across Your Devices

If you want to view your watchlist across all your Apple Devices, iCloud is the way to go.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap your Name at the top
  • Select iCloud
  • Tap Show All
  • Scroll to Find Stocks
  • Turn on the Toggle Switch

Now your watchlist will be available across all of your Apple Devices.


That’s all there is to setting up your Stock portfolio on the iPhone and keeping track of your watchlist across your devices. If you have any questions, post them in the comment section. Good luck with your portfolio.

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