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How to use Zoom on the iPhone For Seniors

Zoom on the iPhone and iPad is a free app you can download from the App Store, allowing you to create a virtual conference room, video chat one-on-one, host a webinar and join audio and video meetings online.

Zoom works on Android, Apple devices, and PC. So you can communicate with everyone on your Contacts list.

How to Download, Install and use Zoom on your iPhone and iPad

Visit the App Store and download the Zoom app; it’s free. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to create an account.

  • Open the Zoom app you’ll see three options
  • Join Meeting, Sign Up, and Sign In
  • To create an account, choose Sign Up
  • Enter your birth date and tap Confirm
  • Enter your name and email address, agree to the terms 
  • Tap Sign Up
  • Tap OK, now head over to the inbox of the email address you signed up with
  • Click the link inside to activate your Zoom service
  • Now Set up your password

The Zoom app will ask if it can send notifications and access your calendar. This helps schedule and remember your meetings. You can also use Siri to start your Zoom calls, and devices with TouchID and FaceID have the option to sign in with those features.

Join a Zoom Meeting

If someone has requested you join a meeting, there are several ways to join. First, if you’ve received an invitation via email, click on the link included and follow the prompts. Sometimes the password is included in the link sent, but if not, you’ll need the password included in the email; if you don’t have a link follow the instructions below for using a Meeting ID.

  • Open the Zoom app
  • Tap Join
  • Enter the Meeting ID and if you’ve previously joined with this meeting ID, click on the arrow next to Meeting ID to see all the previously joined meetings.
  • Tap the Meeting you want to join
  • Now tap Done
  • You have options to not use your audio, Video, or both.
  • Tap Join

How to Create a Personal Meeting ID to Set Up Scheduled or Instant Meetings

You can either schedule a Zoom call or launch one instantly. Once you set up a Personal Meeting ID, your virtual meeting room will always be accessible using that link and PMI. So people you share that information with can join meetings in this room at any time. 

You’ll want to set up separate meeting rooms if you hold several types of meetings, such as one for family and friends and others for work. Only share the link with people who need to join the Meeting.

Be careful where you share the link because anyone with that link can enter the meeting room at any time. To set up a meeting with a Personal Meeting ID:

  • Open the Zoom app and tap New Meeting
  • Toggle on Use Personal Meeting ID
  • Tap Start Meeting
  • If you want to use Video, tap OK when the app asks for Camera Access

  • Tap Call Using Internet Audio to enable sound
  • Tap on the Screen to reveal the controls
  • Now tap Participants
  • Tap Invite to send people a link with your Meeting
  • Methods include Email, Message, Invite Contacts, or Copy Invite Link. 


Now you can use this PMI for future meetings, whether scheduled or instant. You can also add more people and set a meeting password.

How To Host a Scheduled Meeting

You can host a scheduled meeting with a PMI you previously created or without one.

  • Open the Zoom app
  • Tap Schedule
  • Fill in the Meeting Name
  • Choose a Start Time and duration
  • Decide whether to use a PMI
  • Set Passcode 
  • Enable Waiting Room and other options as well
  • Tap Advanced Options if you’d like to allow members to join before you or automatically record your Meeting
  • Tap Save when finished.

When it’s time for the Meeting to begin, tap Start next to the Meeting ID on the Zoom Home screen.

Other Zoom Settings and Features

You can Share your iPhone and iPad display during a Zoom Call.

  • While in Zoom, tap Share Content at the bottom of the Screen
  • Tap Screen

There are other features as well, such as Share Photos, content

iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

How to Chat with Participants

To access the chat option:

  • Tap the More icon at the bottom of the Screen
  • Now Tap Chat
  • You’ll also see other options available.

  • Tap Meeting Settings to Mute upon entry, Always Show Meeting Controls, and more.
  • Tap Background and Filters to use a Zoom background, create your own, or add a filter.


Siri Shortcuts in Zoom

You can set up shortcuts to view your Meeting, join your next scheduled Meeting or start a personal meeting. Remember to enable Hey Siri on your iPhone or iPad. To set up a Siri Shortcut:

  • Tap More at the bottom of the Zoom app Home Screen
  • Select Siri Shortcuts
  • Tap the phrase you want to add
  • Now tap add to Siri

To use the shortcut, say “Hey Siri” and then the phrase you added.


Hopefully, you’re comfortable with using Zoom. Let me know if you need further guidance, and I’ll see if I can help.

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