Is it Time To Buy an Apple Watch? Top Benefits For Seniors

The Apple Watch has taken over the wearable technology market. While you might think it’s only for the tech-savvy younger generation, you’d be sorely mistaken. The Apple Watch has many built-in features that are perfect for seniors. It’s the ideal way to remain safe and healthy!

The new watch is available in 2 versions, the top-of-the-line series 6, which includes the ability to take an ECG reading and even monitor your blood oxygen level. However, it may be a little too expensive for seniors on a fixed income. If money is no object, go for it! It’s the best smartwatch on the market! It’s available starting at $399

Suppose you are on a fixed income or budget conscious. The Watch SE is the better buy! 

It features everything from fall detection, emergency SOS and watch faces that seniors can easily see. You’ll miss out on some of the advanced features, but fall detection and basic health tracking can be beneficial. It’s available for $279.

The overall price and features make the Watch SE an excellent smartwatch for seniors.

Fall Detection on the Apple Watch

Apple released fall detection in 2018. The built-in accelerometer and gyroscope help to detect falls. When a hard fall is detected, it displays a message which you can dismiss if all is well. Suppose the watch doesn’t sense any motion for 60 seconds after the fall. Emergency services will be called, and any emergency contacts that you have set up. Fall detection is activated by default for anyone over the age of 65.

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS lets you quickly call 911 (or local emergency numbers outside the US) in medical or other emergencies. You can press and hold the side button of the watch until the Emergency SOS slider appears. Then Emergency Services are notified of your location. You can further set up other emergency contacts, such as caregivers or family members, and they will be informed as well.

The Apple Watch can act as a medical alert bracelet. The Health app lets you set up your Medical ID, which gives first responders access to your medical information from your Apple Watch. You can store things like medications, allergies, emergency contact numbers, and blood type. First responders can access this information without having to know your password.


Health Monitoring On Apple Watch

The watch can detect low or high heart rates, and you can configure the app to alert you if your heart rate stays above or below a specific rate per minute. If you have atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFib, the watch can detect when your heart goes out of rhythm. The Apple Watch then stores this information for you, your caregiver, or your physician to view.

The Apple Watch can track your sleep. Wear your watch to bed and when you wake up, open the Sleep app to learn how much sleep you got and see your sleep trends over the past 14 days. 

You can download an app (like the free SleepWatch app) to give you more details. It detects how long it takes you to fall asleep, how long you spend asleep when your sleep is interrupted, and can monitor your heart rate as you sleep.

Medication Reminders

Mango Health is an app that helps you manage your medications. It’s free to download in the App Store. CareZone is also free but has a few extra features like a place to track your blood pressure, pain, headache, temperature, and weight. 


The Apple Watch connects to your iPhone, so most of the activities you do on your iPhone, sync to your Apple Watch.

Mango Health in the App Store

New Apple Watch Faces

Apple’s WatchOS 7 offers optimized features for older adults, starting with a simplified onboarding and configuration process. The refreshed X-Large face shows the time in a format that’s easier to see.

Caregiver Check-ins

Apps like ElderCheck Now (free in the App Store) let loved ones or caregivers quickly check in. They can see your heart rate and location and request that you check in through your Apple Watch. Let them know you’re okay by simply pressing a button. Alternatively, they can request a phone call from you to let them know everything’s okay. It’s one of the many reasons children purchase the watch for their parents. The app has to be installed on both the senior and caregiver’s respective devices for proper functionality.

ElderCheck Now in the App store


If you’re still not sure, the Apple Watch is for you or your senior, buy it, use it in your daily life for a week or so, keep it if you love it, and return it if you don’t.

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