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How To Use NameDrop

In this guide, we’ll learn how to use NameDrop to send and receive phone numbers, email addresses, and Contact Posters between two iPhones. Recently there has been some controversy over this feature. Police and News Organizations are saying to turn the feature off. This is misinformation! You must give consent for the transfer to go through. NameDrop is safe and secure. Give it a try.

Compatible iPhones

As long as you have an iPhone XR or newer running iOS 17, you can use NameDrop.

NameDrop will arrive on the Apple Watch 6 and newer with watchOS 10.1

NameDrop is not available on the iPad or Mac.

How To Enable NameDrop

NameDrop is enabled by default on all iPhones running iOS 17 or newer. But to verify:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap General 
  • Select AirDrop

Make sure the toggle next to Bring Devices together is on.

How to use NameDrop

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth need to be active

  • Unlock both iPhones
  • Place the top of one of the iPhones near the top of the other iPhone.

You will feel haptic feedback, hear a tone, and see a ripple animation on the screen. Share Your Contact screen will appear on both iPhones. You no longer need to hold the iPhones near each other.

Now, you and the person you’re sharing or receiving from need to pick the info you want to share, whether that be your phone number or email address.

Next, choose to Receive the other person’s contact. Tap on Receive Only and ask the other person to share on their iPhone.

Or both persons can exchange each other’s contact info. Tap Share on your iPhone, and they will tap Share on their iPhone.

When the NameDrop is complete, tap Done.

Now, this person’s information is located in your Contacts app.

What is Shared via NameDrop

NameDrop uses the information on your contact card and makes it available to share. You can exchange your phone number, email address, and Contact Poster. Currently, these are the only things you can share even though you may have social media, website URLs, profile links, and other items on your Contact Card.


You can only share one piece of information at a time, whether it be an email address or phone number. You can always start a new session to send more information, which will lead to duplicate information. Thankfully, you can merge or delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

Cancel NameDrop

If, in the middle of exchanging information, you move both iPhones away before the contact exchange occurs.

However, you must delete the information from the Contacts app if the exchange has been completed.

How to Turn off

NameDrop is secure because it works when the iPhone is unlocked, and you need to give consent by tapping Share for the transfer to complete.

You can always turn it off by:

  • Opening Settings
  • Tap General
  • Select AirDrop
  • Toggle off Bringing Devices Together

Trouble with NameDrop

Try these fixes:

  • Turn Airplane mode on and off
  • Move the iPhones further apart and bring them very close again.
  • Restart one or both iPhones
  • If nothing helps, reset the iPhone Network Settings


As of now, this is an iOS-exclusive feature. It will not work with other phones having NFC. NameDrop is a great way to share information quickly and securely. Let me know what you think of the new feature.

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