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2 Quick and Easy Ways To Organize Photos

Trying to organize your photos can be stressful. Most of us tend to scroll through the Camera Roll to find the pics we want to see. This makes it tough to find your vacation picture or favorite pics of your cat.

Forget all of that. There are many photo organization apps available, that can streamline the process but you can sort your photos quickly without complications within the Photos app.

Organize an Album

Creating an album is the fastest and easiest way to organize photos. Apple automatically creates a few different albums, such as Recents, Favorites, Places, People and Categories. But, you can create your own custom iOS photo albums with ease. Whether you want to create by location, subject, date,or your own custom guidelines. Here’s how to do it!

  • Tap on the Photos App to open
  • Tap on Search
Click on image to enlarge.
  • Enter the details of your search. It can be a subject, location, date or all of the above
  • Tap See All
  • Tap Select
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To Select all the photos in the search

  • Select the first picture to select and then move to the second photo, gently keep your finger on the screen and swipe all the way to down the screen to select them all, or just select the photos you want to add.
  • Tap the Share icon
  • Select Add to Album
  • Tap the Album you want to place them in or create a new one
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Organize a Memory

Another quick and easy way to organize your photos is to create a memory, using your search results. Memories are slideshows that your Photos App creates automatically of certain locations, special occasions or a period of time. You can create custom ones as well.

  • Follow the steps above to search, choose the photos you want and add them to an album or create one.
  • Open the Album


  • Tap on the Photos App
  • Choose Albums at the bottom
  • Open the Album (in this case it was Cats)
  • Tap More icon
Click on image to enlarge.
  • Choose Play Memory Movie
  • As Memory plays tap on the screen to change the type of music
  • Tap Share icon
  • Choose Add to Favorite Memories
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To View Memory

  • Open Photos App
  • Tap on For You
  • Choose Memories
  • See all
Click on image to enlarge.

Here you will see all of your Memory Albums. Ones created by you and ones created by Apple. Once you’ve created a Memory you can edit that memory by choosing the Album and tapping edit. Options include Title, Title image, Photos and videos, Music and duration.

Click on image to enlarge.

You can always add and remove photos from a memory album, as well as delete a memory album. This will not delete the photos.

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I hope these two quick and easy ways to organize your photos helps you keep them from getting lost among all of your thousands of photos.

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