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How To Master Split View on the iPad

Split View allows you to divide your iPad display and have two apps or windows side by side.

In this post, we’ll dive into Split View, showing you how to enter, use and exit Split View in iPadOS 16.

Note: Split View is not available on the iPhone.

Open Two Apps at the same time in Split View

Option 1: Use the Multitasking icon

Choose an app and tap it to open it. In this case, I’ll open Safari on my iPad.

Tap the Multitasking icon (three dots) at the top of the screen. Select Split View.

Split View

The app almost disappears to allow you to see the Home Screen.

Split View

Tap the second app you want to open. You can choose the app from the dock, App Library or Home Screen. Let’s choose the Notes app.

Now you’ll see the two apps. Each sharing half the screen.

50/50 Split View

Option 2: Use the Dock

Open the first app; slowly Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the dock.

Use to Dock to enter Split View

Next, push and hold on an app in the dock and drag it to either the right or left side of the screen. When you see the animation, let go of the app, and both apps will share the screen.

Drag apps into Split View

If you drag the app over the first app, it will open in Slide Over, so be sure to pull the app toward the edge of the screen.

Option 3: Use the App Library

Open the first app. Swipe up slowly to reveal the dock. Tap the App Library icon on the far right.

App Library

Push and hold on to the app you want to open to share the screen.

Split View using App Library

Drag the app to either edge of the iPad screen.

Split View

Option 4: Use the App Switcher to enter Split View

Swipe halfway up from the bottom of the screen until you enter the App Switcher, which shows all of your open apps.

Push and hold on to an app tile and now drag the app tile on top of another app.

Use the App Switcher to open apps in Split View

You’ll see they appear together. Just tap on them to open them.

Open Split View app in the App Switcher

Option 5: Spotlight Search

This method works best with a keyboard attached to your iPad. Open the first app.

Press the Command + Space Bar keys together to open Spotlight Search.

Type the Name of the second app. It will appear in the suggestions. Then, use the mouse pointer or your finger and drag it to the left or right edge of the screen to enter Split View.

Resize the Split View Screen

Once you’re in Split Screen, the default view divides the two apps in half, each having 50% of the screen. But you can set either app to 75%.

Touch the middle divide, the gray line, and drag it to the left or right.

Resize Split View Screen

Now one app will be 75% of the screen while the other is 25%. Dragging the gray divider to either side will allow you to exit.

75/25 Split View

To change the positions of the apps, push and hold on to the multitasking icon (three dots at the top of the app). Now drag the app to the other side and let go.

Change positions of apps in split view

Drag and Drop Between apps

With two apps open you can easily select text, images, files, and more from one window and drag it to the other window.

Example: I can open Safari and the notes app. I’ll highlight some text in Safari and then drag that text over to the notes app to add it to a note.

Drag and Drop between Split View

Open the Same app in Split View

Some apps like Files, Notes, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, Maps, Stocks, Contacts Freeform, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages support multiple windows. This means you can open two windows of the same app. So you can use most of the options above except for option 4. But here’s another way.

  • Let’s open the files app
  • Push and hold on a folder
  • Tap Open in New Window

Open the files app and a file folder in Split View

For apps like Files and Safari, you’ll notice they immediately open a new window in Side By Side.

Same two apps in Split View

Apps, like Messages and Notes that supports Center Window, means the conversation or note opens the window in the middle of the screen like a pop-up. Just tap on the Multitasking icon, choose Split View, and select Left Split or Right Split.

Multiple apps in Split View

Enter the app switcher to view all the app pairs you have opened in Split View.

View apps in Split View using the app switcher

Exit Split View

To exit Split View, you can drag the grey divider to the edge of the screen. This will force one app to take over the whole screen.

Exit Split View

You can also use the app switcher and swipe up on one of the apps, and that app will be closed. If you tap on the remaining app, it will open full screen.

Close Split View using the App Switcher

Use the Multitasking icon and choose close, which will quit that app and open the other app to full screen, or you can choose Full screen, which will close the other app.

Close Split View


Do all apps support Split View? Unfortunately, no! The Settings app, Garage Band, iMovie, Camera, Photo Booth, iTunes Store, and a few others cannot be opened in Split View.

The same goes for opening more than one window of the same app. Some apps, like the App Store, allow Split View but don’t support opening two windows.

Let me know if you enjoy using Split View, or if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try. It can be handy.

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