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Top Features of Spark Mail and Why I Made The Switch

I’ve been using Spark Mail since the day it came out. I don’t even bother with Apple Mail. I try and stay on top of my emails and follow these two principles: Inbox Zero and try to touch each email once.

 With Inbox Zero, you either delete, archive or take action on your emails, so at the end of each day, your Inbox is empty. Once you’ve touched an email, take action on it, either create a task or delegate it to someone else.

While I love Apple, I don’t quite fancy its Mail app. I just don’t think it has the functionality for power users or simplicity for every day users.

This is why I’ve switched to Spark Mail.

Smart Inbox, with Smart Notifications in Spark Mail

With the Smart Inbox feature, your emails are sorted and classified into categories so that you can focus on your important emails. Email inboxes are commonly overflowing with notifications from services, such as newsletters and product marketing emails. The Smart Inbox feature in Spark separates this clutter away from your personal emails. Spark Mail will only notify you about the important emails in your Inbox. 

Send Later

The ability to Send emails later is built natively into Spark. Simply click on the Send Later icon, pick the date and time you want to set, and then click the Schedule button. Your email will automatically be scheduled and Sent later, even if the Spark Mail app is not running on your device.

Follow-Up Reminders For Emails

Maybe you’ve sent someone an email and meant to follow up with them later, but you forgot. Well, Spark Mail to the rescue. Just like the Send later feature, you can pick the exact date and time you want to be reminded, and Spark goes to work in the background. If you haven’t received a reply from the recipient by the date and time you’ve specified. Spark will automatically move the email back into your Inbox so you can follow up.

Snooze Emails

Snooze is one of my favorite features; who doesn’t want to manage your emails better. Snooze allows you to handle low-priority emails for action later. When you snooze an email, it is automatically moved from your Inbox and returns on the day and time you specify.

Integrations With Tools You Use

Spark has an advantage over other email apps. It has integrations with 3rd party software you’re probably already using. The image below will show you all of the services available. You can use swipe gestures to send an email to any of these services quickly.

Quick Replies in Spark Mail

Quick Replies allows you to respond to an email with a single tap quickly. You can use the predefined strings, or you can customize your own. You can even choose an icon to go with each reply. 

It’s a great way to acknowledge an email or respond to it without having to type out an entire message. Replying to emails will no longer be a chore.

Swipe Gestures in Spark Mail

It’s easy to make decisions quickly using swipe gestures. Depending on how your handle your email, these are very customizable.

Move ( to a folder or tag. 

Snooze, this is the defer option, so the email is removed from my Inbox and won’t appear again until the date and time I specify.

Delete immediately move to the trash

To Omnifocus my task management app

Spark gives your four options by varying the length of the swipe A long swipe or a short one. Take a look at the image below. This can save you lots of time. I can quickly swipe and move emails directly where I want them.



There’s no doubt that Spark is one of the most feature-rich apps I’ve used for email. This free application is perfect for iPhone and iPad users to get into their email. It’s just a tremendous all-around app, plus it’s fun and easy to use! Also check out My Top 5 Email Apps for the iPhone and iPad, if you don’t think Spark Mail is for you! Below you’ll find an in-depth video walkthrough of Spark Mail. If you need any help with your iOS or iPadOS device, click on the Work with Me link to get you back on track!

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